Distributor of medical equipment.


DoAI for healthcare, masterdata consistency.


Implementation of AI solution.

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Reviewing data by hand is a time consuming and complex work that now can be done with help of artificial intelligence. The implemented AI resource assists in reviewing and identifying products that needs correction faster and is more consistent than a human employee.

Identifying and correcting faulty data early, prevents faulty data from propagating into other systems and processes causing problems to the supply chain. We have developed an AI serverless solution with out DoAI platform and deployed it on an integrated Azure environment making it easy for the customer to incorporate the service in the existing infrastructure and services.

The AI solution can retrieve information from multiple sources, categorize and match it to information in the master data system. Find relationships between different information and flag it. The system can help to simplify the entire master assessment.


  • Drastically speed up and automate a process that usually requires an expert.
  • Enable the classification of large datasets.
  • Immediate correction when new data is added or when integrating anew product database.
  • Updates on all products when classification method changes.
  • Business requirements analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of the expert advise system.
  • Performed Code Development/enhancements and AI Algorithm tuning.
  • The resulting system reports issues with the master data and the objectives of the project were reached.
  • The solution saved hours of manual data cleanup.