The client is an innovation-driven company founded as an IT organization for the Cardiology Centers in the Netherlands and focused on supporting medical processes with IT applications.

This company is working on a feasible and affordable future of healthcare. E-Health innovations are seen as the solution to the increasing pressure on healthcare. With the ambition to build the future of healthcare, our client is committed to putting innovative concepts into practice. This way, they support health care providers to jointly achieve their common goal: high- quality, accessible and affordable care with which they help patients advance.


The Client is located in the Netherlands.


Our solutions (Patient Portal, General Practitioner Portal, and e-Health Platform) are digital tools, containing patients and individual medical file of a patient as well as integration with other systems and mobile devices. This allows patients and doctors to keep track of their medical data, lab results, medical treatments, tasks, and notifications.

The patient/general practitioner logs on the portal, requests some of the medical data, and is able to view their own record. Patients and doctors have a centralized location for viewing, downloading, and sharing of their medical data from various providers.

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The project is based on a time-and-material model, where the client was offered the ability to choose, expand, change, as well as improve the existing team, in order to create a more functional team which is able to respond to all of the development needs for their product development.


Today, patients expect more transparency and accessibility than ever before, so it’s no wonder why patient portals are becoming a staple in the medical industry. The healthcare providers through the patient portals ensure easier and safer access to personal healthcare data, and, at the same time, they are increasing the patient’s satisfaction.

As a modern healthcare provider, our client's main challenge was to enable a visually appealing and easy to navigate patient portal that is going to contain the medical files of the Cardiology Centre Netherlands patients in a centralized place.


JDK12, Spring Boot 2.x, Docker, Docker-compose, MapStruct, Lombok, Keycloak, MySQL 5.7, Liquibase, Vue.js


With the Patient Portal, General Practitioner Portal, and e-Health Platform, the client has been provided with a solution that can serve as a platform for further enhancement of their activities and reach the impact needed for them to be brought closer to their vision.

The solution reduces the time spent on administrative processes so our client can focus on caring for patients who are much more satisfied with the quality of service they receive.