Events and On-Demand Videos

Types of Hub and Spoke Infrastructures in Azure

DevOps Azure Cloud

May 4, 2023  17:30-19:00

This event will be focused on discussing the various types of Hub and Spoke architectures that can be implemented in Azure to build a scalable and secure network infrastructure.

Use AI to fast-track your recruitment process

Artificial intelligence Business intelligence Data science HR Recruitment

March 23, 2023  17:00-19:00

During this event you will learn how your company can increase recruitment results by utilizing AI tools. Bring the future closer today by utilizing AI not as a replacement, but as a helping-hand to your HR professionals to produce fool-proof results within seconds.

Redefining Telco and Satellite industry for the digital age

Telecom Digital transformation

November 16, 2022  15:00-18:00

In our sessions, we will share our experiences from the truly successful partner relationship with Globalstar.

Let's explore Asset Management and Cloud Migration together

Atlassian Cloud

November 22, 2022  15:00-18:00

Through this event you will have the opportunity to learn from our Atlassian experts Nadica Gaber and Nenad Micic about the nature of various challenges that businesses are facing on a daily basis when we talk about Cloud Migration and/or Asset Management.

Let's talk about Cloud Migration and Asset Management

Atlassian Cloud

November 24, 2022  15:00-18:00

On this event we will cover many challenges that businesses are facing daily, and exchange experienced solutions based on the practice we offered to our clients for overcoming obstacles using Atlassian tools.

Keeping up with the dynamics of technology advancement in Fintech and Banking-challenges and trends

Fintech Banking

December 3, 2021  11:00-13:30

During this event, you will hear from our customers and partners, about trends and challenges, about the future for the Finance industry

Maintaining Telco's legacy systems during the process of digital transformation

Digital transformation Telecom

October 26, 2021  11:00-12:00

During this event, we will discuss the Telcos challenges of running legacy applications and understand how to migrate legacy applications.

Digital Transformation: Enhancing the customer experience and boosting telco’s agility

Digital transformation Customer experience Cloud Telecom

June 23, 2021  11:00-12:00

This event will help you understand how the emergence of high-speed 5G mobile and 10Gb landline bandwidth, the new COVID-19 reality of increased remotization and the virtualization of everyday life can transform the use of Internet services. Additionally, Seavus will showcase how Telcos can meet customer expectations and monetize this new reality.

Atlassian Cloud Workshop – How to prepare for a successful Cloud Migration

Atlassian Cloud Digital transformation ITSM

May 19, 2021  11:00-12:00

Migration to Cloud could be a challenging and lengthy process, but it does not have to be too stressful if proper preparations are made. During this workshop, we will show you the Seavus approach to Atlassian Cloud migration and how our experience helped us identify and tackle the most common challenges and issues before, during, and after the migration. Planning is key and with a good runbook, the process could be greatly streamlined, cost, and time-effective.

Driving Digital Transformation in Banks: Bridging customer expectations and IT services

Digital transformation Customer experience Banking

April 27, 2021  11:00-12:00

Virtual meetings, online shopping, and remote working is our new reality. The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation in all segments of society. That process became inevitable in the banking industry as well. The traditional form of banking still remains, however, it is going through a speeded transformation process. Digitally minded consumers are seeking from banks to rethink the way they do business. These consumers want the top-notch banking experience when it’s convenient for them and in the methods they see fit. Banks must transform quickly to keep up with consumer demands and to respond to new challenges. During this event, you will have the opportunity to hear from leading bank experts with a significant understanding of trends, which come from banks that have implemented innovative technology, thus allowing them to transform and serve the present and future customers. In a fast-paced discussion, our speakers will share insights and opinions about pressing issues in the banking industry and their impact on the customer experience.

Development is seamless and easy with Atlassian Tools

Atlassian Automation ITSM

November 25, 2020  11:00-12:00

Jira and Bitbucket with their ease to setup enable planning and automated delivery of a development project even in companies without development experience. These tools can cover almost all industries because of their flexibility and ease of access, setup, and usage. Integration between these tools enables developers to focus on code writing and mitigates non -development tasks. Bitbucket pipeline as an integrated CI/CD service provides flexibility to automate your builds, test, and deployment with few easy steps. We will discuss how a development project can be planned and organized in Jira and how automated building, testing and deployment are configured in Bitbucket. We will show you how Jira automation and integration of Jira with Bitbucket reduce the need of taking extra steps or switching between applications.

Improve your efficiency and visibility with Atlassian Tools

Atlassian Automation Cloud ITSM

October 21, 2020   11:00-12:00

Jira and Confluence work together to provide fast and efficient overview and control of all your business processes and needs. With various automations, configurations and workflows, Jira and Confluence can adapt to your needs and not the other way around. These tools can cover and support almost all industries because of their flexibility and ease of access, setup, and usage. With the live demo, we will show you how a fictional marketing company can use the tools to improve, streamline their business and save time and money while keeping a complete overview of the whole process. We will discuss the connection between Jira and Confluence and how different actors can utilize the tools for their needs. We will show you how a process starts, from planning and goes into production, and we will cover multiple business steps along the way.

The power of Cherwell ITSM No-Code platform

Cherwell ITSM Automation Customer experience

September 16, 2020   11:00-12:00

Find out how to improve your IT operational efficiency, elevate the employee experience, and drive business results with Cherwell's next generation end-to-end NO-CODE service management platform. Explore journeys from ITSM to Enterprise Service Management and beyond, with all its opportunities, challenges, and requirements.

Salesforce for Financial Services - Accelerate Transformation & Inspire Customer Trust

Financial services Customer experience Salesforce Digital transformation

June 25, 2020   11:00-12:00

Today’s uncertain landscape leaves banking and insurance leaders looking for tools, advice, and inspiration. Salesforce is the global leader in enterprise customer engagement solutions and can help FinServ companies to quickly adapt to the changes in the market and become Digital Customer Centric Companies.

Unlocking the Power of Digital Banking in a Disrupted Landscape

Cloud Banking Automation

June 17, 2020   11:00-12:00

As the banking and financial industry face the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is clear: digital banking has never been more important to banks and their customers. While digital channels like mobile banking apps have always offered convenience, they now moved from being a nice-to-have to the primary way to do banking.