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Seavus delivers Cherwell-based Enterprise ITSM solutions. Cherwell Software is a world leader in the ITSM domain and we are proud partners for resale, implementation, and support since 2019. We have a clear mission to help our customers to achieve world-class business outcomes with Cherwell solutions.

We serve all our customers 100% remotely! Our experienced teams can be built according to your needs and can help you realize your project goals, from implementation from scratch, customization of an existing system to maintenance and administration of Cherwell products.


With an extensive background in IT and enterprise-wide service management, professional and managed services, project management, and a wealth of experience in industry-standard frameworks like ITIL, Lean, Scrum, we can help you achieve your project and business goals.

We provide the full Cherwell product suite. In addition, we provide a wide range of professional and managed services including:


  • ITSM consultancy
  • ITSM process assessment & mentoring
  • Project management
  • Cherwell full implementation lifecycle
  • Cherwell administration
  • Integration & automation consultancy
  • Custom developed solutions
  • Licensing
  • Application Support


Our team consists of experienced IT developers and administrators and talented IT engineers. They are a team of enthusiastic professionals with extended knowledge and experience with Cherwell technologies and all underlying software technologies.

Our engineers gained experience working on many projects and are educated on official Cherwell courses.
Also, we are certified:

  • 5 x Cherwell Certified Engineer Associate
  • 5 x Cherwell Certified Professional: Support
  • 1 x Cherwell Certified Professional: Engineer

Seavus can offer you offsite and onsite engagements with different service models. Remote coverage with 100% is possible and operations is available 24x7, support or experts are available 8x5.


Cherwell products in our portfolio:



What Cherwell ITSM can offer you?

  • Workflow Automation - One-Step™ actions for a simple and complex task and workflow automation
  • ITIL - Out-of-the-box ITIL best practices, including workflows, process models, and KPIs
  • Custom Branded portal - IT self-service portal that can be easily customized and branded
  • Knowledge Management - Advanced knowledge management to enable employee self-service
  • Reporting + Dashboards - Reporting and dashboards that highlight KPIs, trends, and bottlenecks
  • Merge-able Applications - mApps (“merge-able application”) solutions to easily add new capabilities

Key benefits:

  • Quickly adapt to new business needs with rapid and easy configuration
  • Reduce administrative burden and optimize costs with IT self-service and automation
  • Show business value, and target areas for improvement with dashboards and KPIs
  • Improve customer satisfaction through more streamlined, consistent, and effective service delivery
  • Extend service management capabilities to other departments
  • Enjoy simple licensing and flexible deployment options




Cherwell Asset Management is an IT asset management (ITAM) tool designed for organizations seeking a large reduction in software license spending, IT overhead, and software audit risk. By integrating all the data related to hardware and software inventory, application usage, license entitlements, and IT purchases, you can seamlessly track and manage IT investments from purchase to retirement—and abandon Excel spreadsheets.

Cherwell Asset Management integrates seamlessly with Cherwell Service Management, populating the Cherwell CMDB with IT asset data, and providing service desk staff with the information needed for the effective incident, problem, and change management.


Thousands of custom applications have been designed and built on top of the Cherwell Service Management platform, modernizing business processes and automating workflows such as employee on-boarding (HR), workplace management (Facilities), loan processing (Finance), and organizational compliance (Security).

With Cherwell's mApp solutions (or "merge-able applications"), you won't need skilled software developers or consultants to build new business applications; simply download mApp solutions into your Cherwell environment, and instantly extend new capabilities to other areas of the business.



With the rise of hybrid cloud, self-service, DevOps, and automated service delivery, legacy approaches to IT operations management (ITOM) have become increasingly complex, expensive, and hard to maintain. For IT teams, these challenges are further compounded by technology silos that prevent streamlined access to ITOM data and optimized service delivery.

Cherwell offers a complete ITOM solution through technical partnerships with Microsoft, VMware, and FireScope, whose products integrate seamlessly with the Cherwell platform. A diverse range of Cherwell mApp solutions and integrations help to complete lifecycle management of IT services across private, public, and hybrid clouds.






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