Insurance Claims Management

We have been at the forefront of the digital transformation of claims processes, acting as a technology partner in assisting insurance companies in optimizing and increasing their capacities by developing custom end-to-end solutions. By working with us on developing custom technology solutions, the insurance companies will benefit from: simplified insurance processes, reduced cost and increased customer expectations and demands.

Redefine The Claims Journey in a Digital Age

For more than 10 years, Seavus with its highly skilled and experienced team is successfully supporting the development of diverse and custom technology solutions to insurance companies enabling them to innovate their business operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Our niche experience is in developing client-specific technology solutions using data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to empower end-to-end solutions for insurers.

Design your custom solution for Automated Claims Workflow with Seavus

Our team of experts can assist you in designing and developing your Automated Claims Workflow platform which can be fully customer-centric and customized to suit your needs, while digitally enabling organizations to excel in three foundational areas of claims—customer experience, efficiency, and effectiveness.

By developing and adopting an end-to-end process approach, insurers can proactively manage the lifecycle of a claim. We make sure that all your participants, both internally and externally in the organization, are integrated into the process to ensure tighter control throughout the claims supply chain.

Automation is transforming the claims management in many ways:

  • Improved efficiency and dramatically reduced costs
  • Minimizing fraud
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction

Develop Your Damage Capturing Software with Seavus

We can develop your custom Damage Capturing Software by connecting automotive & vehicle data with proven repair science and enabling the user to make a VIN query, open the damage capturing applications, upload attachments, make calculations, apply rules to check the repairer’s calculations and finalize the payment amount, thereby closing the case.

Based on deep learning, the algorithms automatically detect a vehicle's body and analyze the extent of the damage. By applying paralleled machine learning and analytical pipelines you can speed up the analysis process.

Working with us your organization will benefit by:

  • Speeding up data processing
  • Saving the company’s spending on human resources
  • Defending form fraud (in 80% and more)
  • Boosting the process of image data analysis in times

Include all relevant parties throughout the entire Repair Monitoring process

The process of Repair Monitoring allows connection between people, insurers and suppliers, empowering them to make quicker and smarter decisions. Our team of experts can help you connect automotive insurance companies with their customers throughout the entire repair process. It can be designed to collect and analyze customer feedback and integrate processes to close the gaps in failed engagements, allowing your organization to:

  • Be proactive and timely in communicating with the customers
  • Better manages the experience of customers who have to come back for repairs

Improve your Model Delivery platform functionalities

Model Delivery represents the set of data which describes a vehicle in the market and its specifications, such as models, motorizations, parts, repair options, and everything the customer needs to know with just one click. With the option to customize your Model Delivery platform with Seavus, your quality of communication can raise and provide:

  • Customer awareness and usage of digital self-service tools throughout their journey
  • Customers with the necessary information in digital channels offers customers the sense of control they desire