Media Intelligence Solution


Our Media Intelligence Platform stays on top of all online news and social media conversations and can see the big picture, which can be a powerful tool for making informed decisions.
It extracts important and relevant information from the clutter of billions of news and social media posts and detects developing trends in real-time. Conversations have slowly shifted on social media platforms, and they include information about people's thoughts, perceptions, and emotions.
Our state-of-art platform is based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and enables organizations to gain powerful insights, develop or adjust their communication, or implement a new strategic approach.


The platform provides smart insights into how specific content published on different media affects audiences, how it influences their opinion and what is their emotional response to the topics at hand.

We focus on:

  • How certain content affects public opinion and interests over time
  • How social media users engage and react upon different types of content
  • What are the public’s emotional response and opinion to a different type of media content
  • Which media channels or users are most influential in forming public opinion
  • How you stand against competitors by analyzing online media channels


  • News aggregation across digital channels
  • Social listening
  • User-defined search by topic or keyword
  • Influencer detection
  • Tracking influencers’ opinion on social media
  • Display trends in a centralized dashboard
  • Media analysis per source or topic
  • Sentiment analysis using NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • Predictive analysis based on historical data